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At Opportune Careers we understand that job hunting is no easy task. For most people now, the days of walking into a life-long career are gone, instead you can face an endless slog of applications, most of which you’ll never hear back from. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, we know your pain! Whilst some parts of job hunting are relatively straightforward you might need some planning tips for the interview situation that might just help you get you the much needed traction.

At Opportune Careers our coaches will ensure that you are fully prepared for that all important interview: we show you how to research and plan; understand what to look for in key criteria of the job; how to match your experience to the role; how to dress for the situation; how to build rapport in the interview.


We can also provide a videoed session where we put you through your paces with a recruiter and provide critical feedback after the interview from both the interviewer and your coach.

Day of the Interview

Whether your interview is in-person or virtual, there are some essential elements to ensure you land their first impression of you to give yourself the best possible chance of landing the job.

Preparing for the Interview

Do your homework is key and researching the company you’re interviewing vital so that at the least, you have a rough idea who they are and what they do. Looking surprised about basic facts doesn’t make a great impression.

We recommend that being familiar with key criteria and responsibilities and have an idea of examples you can use to prove you meet them. Interviewers don’t mind you taking a few moments to gather your thoughts, but they will not appreciate it if you don’t know the basic job description.

Easy to do but sometimes difficult to actually nail the perfect responses for typical questions. You don’t have to have a set answer for each, but have a rough idea of the example you’ll use when faced with the pressure of “what’s your greatest weakness?”

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Day of the Interview

It goes without saying be punctual! This has to be as simple as it gets. If you aren’t on time for an interview, why would an employer expect future punctuality? Leave home early if it’s an in-person interview, or make sure you’re set up and sign in ahead of time for a virtual one. If something does cause a genuine delay, get in touch to apologize and rearrange.

Dressing appropriately is important and can be very different depending on what the interview is for. Dress in something you feel confident and comfortable in, struggling to walk in new heels looks less professional than a nice pair of flats. And particularly if you are doing an online meeting you need also to ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing with a calm background.

Prepare questions for the interviewer so that you can be ready to ask questions of the interviewer; a good conversation flows both ways.

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