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Coaching, connections and marketing intelligence with leadership development We offer a flexible Structure, a format determined by your budget and needs, but in truth this often falls into 3-4 sessions lasting two hours spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Sometimes they last 12 months, depending the needs of the individual. All our programmes are supported by our online process called Opportune Curve Plan. This programme is very much goal orientated and is designed in such a way you will see measurable results and gain invaluable insights when you put you put the effort in. In short, we expect both coach and client to put 100% commitment in to ensure you as a client meet the expectations you set for yourself. It goes without saying that Opportune coaches work closely with you to understand your journey to date and to put any short and long terms goals in place.

Bespoke Interventions

As executives you are each on your own journey, developing as individuals and perhaps leaders, so it’s key that you use your time with your coach to share your ideas and worries, review how you act and behave in certain situations to test your perspectives and push your horizons. The interventions that the Opportune coaches use will challenge whilst supporting you. Their interventions are aimed at developing more self-awareness, reflecting on your strengths and work challenges with the focus on an action output. To do this we draw upon on a range of psychological tools and methodologies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved (including Myers Briggs, EBW-Emotions & Behaviours at Work, Prophet Insight for Leaders, Stakeholder feedback and positive psychology).
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Ongoing Evaluation and Support

To produce realistic and effective strategies for action and ensure sustained change long after their coaching has finished, coaches will work with you to produce the Opportune Curve Plan online. You will have access to this for the following 12 months. Then together we ensure that your actions are aligned with your needs, your self-development and any business goals. By setting realistic KPIs we ensure that you are able to track the success of the interventions and action plans and then we make the necessary adjustments during our time together. At Opportune you will be able to contact you coach by phone, email and through your coaching online diary.

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