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According to research, a single job opening can receive up to 250 different CVs. For some of you this might make applying for jobs even more daunting than it undoubtedly already is. However, it also highlights the importance of having a good CV which can stand out from the competition.

The importance of a good CV cannot be overstated – it is undoubtedly the single most important document you will ever put together during your job hunting endeavors. That’s why we work with you to put a CV together to ensure you land the job.

Some thoughts about how to write for hiring managers and recruiters:

Your CV should be just like any other document you write – it must be written with a specific audience in mind. People in this line of work aren’t only highly versed in identifying important points in what they read, they will often use automated search tools to look for relevant keywords to the current role.

It’s crucial that you tweak your CV to include keywords which link to the role you’re applying for. A good place to look for these is in the job description; if you use similar language to what the employer uses, this will not only help your CV be flagged by search tools, it will help you stand out to the hirer because it shows you know what you’re talking about.

Making your CV as legible and straightforward as possible is also a major selling point for anyone looking at it. It doesn’t matter how strong a candidate you might be, if the person assigned with screening applicants is put off by the way in which information is presented, you’ll never be shortlisted.

In order to help hiring managers out and increase your chances of getting selected for an interview your CV should:


  • Be legible and easy to follow
  • Be organized in reverse chronological order
  • Emphasize the skills which are most relevant to the role
  • Not include any general, superfluous information
  • Engage the person reading it and convince them that you’re the right candidate

We have dealt with the specifics of making your CV more appealing in our other post on how to make your CV stand out in 5 steps.

One of the points made here, that we can expand upon, is how to personalize your CV. It should be personalized enough to stand out without being confusing or unclear. Your CV is generally the employer’s first impression of you, and it is crucial that it represents you well on your career so far. While there is a lot of  room  in how your CV can look, it is generally good to:

  • Present headings so that they are clearly visible
  • Use bullet points to allow employers to quickly get to the part they’re interested in
  • Remember, clarity and conciseness shouldn’t be sacrificed, no matter how you decide to personalize your CV.
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