Walk the Walk

Redundancy Plan File

Look after your staff, they will look after your customers, who will look after you.

Richard Branson

This mantra still rings true and businesses need to think very carefully about the long-term impact that could ensue if redundancies are not handled correctly. This includes giving proper consideration needs to be given to the future talent pipeline of the companies and explores if redeployment could be an option.

We are reminded here that the one key leadership task is to create an environment in which their people can become passionate about their vision. If service leaders are passionate and consistent, reinforcing consistent messages, then staff will quickly understand what is important to the organization. Service leaders and managers who are passionate about service excellence for their customers and who are visionary, inspirational and charismatic will lead their staff to achieve great things for the whole organization.

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.

Dale Carnegie

Fortune magazine recently highlighted that when employees are asked why they love working for the best companies they don’t mention pay, reward schemes or advancing to a more senior position. They speak first of the sincerity of the relationships at work. These passionate employees describe their work culture as an extension of home, or like being with family. They speak enthusiastically of their colleagues as being supportive.

All employees in great organizations are passionate about what they do and this inspiration extends to customers, investors, suppliers, boards of directors and all other stakeholders. And… successful businesses are built on high caliber relationships which in turn reflect on the way employees treat their customers.

If you look after your internal customers you don’t have to worry about the external customers

Richard Branson

…And Walk the Talk

We recommend that one of the best strategies is to walk the talk, but be consistent with your communication themes. Service leadership is all about relationships with people, and no one will be able to relate without listening. Even the most competent leader in the world if he or she doesn’t listen then his or her leadership potential will go unrealized.

Make conversations count. Speak with confidence and talk about the real issues. Remaining positive and contributing is helpful. For a manager to be the first to roll up its sleeves and do whatever it takes to help out the team – will gain more respect that merely dishing out instructions.

Always be honest. Trust is born out of the truth and avoiding the truth breeds mistrust and disrespect. Be open and honest and people will go the extra mile. Everyone needs to take responsibility for what they do or do not get accomplished in a day. Everyone can be successful if they consistently do the right things with transparency and reliability which in itself will translate into ownership – ownership of the task in hand – and taking ownership of customers is key to customer satisfaction.

Effective service leadership is more than just management. Customer centricity is vital to underpinning the more traditional managerial skills. A good service leader offers direction to people, gets them to share his or her vision for the business, and creates conditions for staff to achieve great results with their customers.

Developing the right attitudes and behaviors is the biggest challenge to leaders. I am often asked, “How do I motivate my people?” The way your employees feel about their job and their workplace determines how motivated they are. There is a clear link between job satisfaction and productivity. However, job satisfaction also depends on the service culture of an organization. This culture comprises the things that make your business distinctive and make the people who work with you proud to do so.

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